Kollo klubben

   The days before Easter, children have a holiday; Hallunda church has activities for children in the church to tell the meaning of Easter Day. By such activities were held on April 19 to 20. Children was so fun and happy with games and activities relating to Easter Day. Such as hundreds of beads to cross, Coloring eggs, Show about Easter Day. In this activities, I was responsible about to teach hundreds of beads to cross. For me, it is very difficult to teach because it requires a language  which it should be easy to communication for children  to understand the process of doing. But by the LORD God, there is nothing difficult. I am delighted that children can be successful to hundreds of beads to cross and bring it back to their home.

On the morning activities, when children arrived, we taught them to sing and play the game. Then made a cross segment of beads. After that is lunch. In the afternoon, we took the children to play outside because the weather is starting to clear and not too hot nor cold. Children can enjoy running around the pitch and play games that we provided. Then, a range of Milk time, before go back to home; they have show about Easter.

On this period, at my church, would be children are during the school summer. Children would have nothing to do because the church has just Sunday’s activities which the children can participate only. Create a fun activity for them is, to wake up early on Sunday (at about four o’clock) to the cemetery to find eggs which that youth has gone into hiding. Then children join with adult to worship. Some children were repetition the Bible during the worship

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