Last April 13th to 15th many people would know that Thailand was celebrating the New Year, also known as “Songkran”. This festival is about people will be splash water in order to bless others. It may seem strange for here (Sweden) because of cold weather. If I go to outside the church and then throwing water on people who walking pass. They would surely be angry and curse me if I did. But it is not surprising in Thailand because it’s too hot. And still a good idea to have someone to splash some water. Then makes be cheerful with a greeting word from the person.

      On 13th -15th, each day will be meaningful as: on 13th, is the date of cleaning the house for a fortune. On 14th is not to condemn anyone that bad. On 15th is watered for adults (Damhoa). Me and Sompong watered light spring adults (Damhoa) at the Hallunda church too. This is the Thai traditional that Thai people should have done all this during the festival. After we finished watered, pastor Karen also pray for us. We also watered light spring (Damhoa) to adults in a range of coffee time too. (Which is one of weekly’s activities for elders to sit and drink coffee and talking and be have on every Thursday at the church.)

      On the Thai New Year, May the Lord Jesus Christ bless everyone to be healthy and strength in His love. /Kitti

Det här inlägget postades i Sweden 2011. Bokmärk permalänken.


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